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August Issue 2008

Artworks Gallery in Winston-Salem, NC, Features Works by Jody Danner Walker

Artworks Gallery in Winston-Salem, NC, is presenting a one-person exhibit by Jody Danner Walker entitled, Beneath the Surface, Yellowstone Caldera, with cast glass sculpture and accompanying photographs. The exhibit will be on view through Aug. 30, 2008.

Walker's selected new works consist of cast glass sculptures and smaller glass stones inspired by natural formations at Yellowstone National Park. Photographic images document the artist's visit, refer to the natural context for the glass abstractions, and create a visual backdrop in the gallery. The exhibit will display multiple formats of kiln-formed glass pieces, including wall-mounted works, free standing sculptures, and small pieces, similar to stones, designed to be touched and held by the viewer.

The artist says, "Yellowstone National Park is among America's greatest wonders and a personal source of artistic inspiration. These pieces depict abstract memories of the ever-changing light, vivid colors, and distinctive textures and patterns experienced and documented on-site. The caldera, formed by ancient volcanic craters, is marked by the constant moving and shifting of the earth's surface, as though being alive. My work captures the mood of those transformations and expresses the majesty of Nature. Combining the solid form of glass sculpture with light refraction and layers of painterly color, the pieces become abstract expressions of nature's beauty. "

Walker's cast glass pieces are essentially abstract paintings fused into glass. Enamels and powders build upon each other for transparent and opaque dimension. Multiple layers of glass intensify light refraction and atmospheric depth. Textural variations appear within the piece by selectively carving interior layers inside the piece. Exterior surfaces vary from the use of additive and subtractive glass processes. Final finishes consider shaping and polishing exterior surfaces and edges to reflect an enhancement of the natural formation.

Primarily a self-taught oil painter, acrylic and pastel artist, Walker began working in kiln-formed glass in 2001. Her art can be found in galleries, private and corporate collections across the US. Her work has won honors in several shows throughout North Carolina and has consistently juried into several prestigious events throughout the country, including the annual auction for Dale Chihuly's Pilchuck Glass School. She teaches advanced classes on kiln-formed glass at schools such as Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts and Hocking College, and at private galleries and studios such as Warm Glass Elements in Clemmons, NC.

For further information check our NC Institutional Gallery listings, call the gallery at 336/723-5890 or visit (www.Artworks-Gallery.org).

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