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August Issue 2009

ArtSource Fine Art in Raleigh, NC, Offers Exhibit Focused on Europe

Cher Cosper

ArtSource Fine Art in Raleigh, NC, will present the exhibit, Escape to Europe, at both its locations at North Hills and Five Points, on view from Aug. 1 - 31, 2009.

Kyle Highsmith

This themed exhibition that allows viewers to experience the overseas trip they might have missed by viewing European-inspired artwork. Various interpretations of Europe will be on display, from impressionist landscapes to minimal urban cityscapes.  Architectural images, bucolic vistas, bustling cafes, gondola rides, and other iconic European scenes will be showcased. 

Steven Moore

Ever popular and steeped in history, tradition, and character, the European theme is an inspiring subject matter for many of ArtSource's artists, many of which frequently visit the region for inspiration, relaxation, and to awaken their creativity. Escape to Europe takes the viewer on a visual tour of Europe through the eyes of gallery artists including: Steve Moore, Connie Winters, Cher Cosper, Marianne Dunn, Kyle Highsmith, Patsy Howell, and others.

For further information check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the galleries at 919/833-0013, 919/787-9533 or visit (www.artsource-raleigh.com).

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