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August Issue 2010

Chatham Arts Gallery in Pittsboro, NC, Features Works by Carolyn Davenport, Doug Dotson, and Dierdre Brown

The Chatham Arts Gallery in Pittsboro, NC, will present an exhibition of works by Carolyn Davenport, Doug Dotson, and Dierdre Brown, on view from Aug. 5 through Sept. 29, 2010.

Carolyn Davenport offered the following statement about her work, "The need to paint has been with me for as long as I can remember. I love the interplay of color, space and line; never quite sure where things will end up. More recently I have traveled a new path adding the element of texture. My collages are created from torn dyed papers with an acrylic paint over glaze. This expanded use of materials has created a new way to bring my visual story to paper or canvas."

"Elements of nature, many times abstracted, are my basic inspiration," Davenport continues. "These are familiar forms taken both from local and travel observation. It is my hope that the viewer will find something they respond to and perhaps see the painting from their own point of view."
Douglas Dotson says, "I create pottery for daily use, looking to the simplicity and strength of natural forms for inspiration. I make pots in a way that shows the marks of my hands, the tools I use, and the fire that transforms mud into pottery. I want the hardy, organic feel and appearance of my pottery to be as grounding to the pot's eventual owner as it is to me when I make it."
Dierdre Brown offered this statement, "I create miniature works of art that are both precious and enjoyable to wear. Each piece is a distinctive contemporary expression of the individual stones or metals. When creating a piece of jewelry, I strive to combine five elements of nature that speak most strongly to me: color, pattern, texture, organic shape, and metal. My sense of design recognizes these patterns, textures, and colors to be the ultimate compliment to the human figure, and the marriage to a natural metal enables me to manifest my designs in a medium that will withstand use. In considering the design of each piece and its eventual relationship to a human body, it is also important to me that my pieces be functional and practical, with a mindfulness to size, weight, shape, and ease of wear. Adornments are personal and special things. They are tactile objects that appeal to the senses and can be infused with emotions and memories. I work in sterling silver, 14K gold and gemstones."

For further information check our NC Institutional Gallery listings, call the gallery at 919/542-0394 or visit (www.chathamarts.org).

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