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August Issue 2010

Lark & Key Gallery (Noda) and Women Centered Art Co-op in Charlotte, NC, Features Mixed Media Exhibition

Lark & Key Gallery presents, Dwell in Possibility, the first annual show of Women Centered Art Co-op (WCAC) in Charlotte, NC, on view from Aug. 5 through Sept. 26, 2010.

This exhibition showcases the works of WCAC members and explores the human need to create. In her poem, I Dwell in Possibility, Emily Dickinson writes about her desire "to gather paradise," speaking about the power gained by a poet through their poetry, a painter through their painting. Dickinson's desire "to gather paradise" is a powerful testament to taking one's life into one's hands and using imagination to embrace possibility.

The Women Centered Art Co-op, also known as WCAC, was founded in the belief that there is an innate sense to create in all of us. The capacity to create enriches our lives, giving us purpose and empowerment. The WCAC is working to strengthen the female voice and help women gather their own paradise. The co-op offers studio spaces, workshops, community classes, and mentoring between emerging and professional artists.
Artworks included in the exhibit vary in perspective and medium but each embrace the innate desire we all have to create and engage with what it truly means to Dwell in Possibility.

For further information check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 704/379-1826 or visit (www.larkandkey.com). Additionally, you can e-mail Women Centered Art Co-op at (womencenteredart@gmail.com) or visit (www.womencenteredart.org).

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