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August Issue 2010

Society of Bluffton Artists in Bluffton, SC, Features Works by Chris Clayton

The Society of Bluffton Artists in Bluffton, SC, will present the exhibit, There He Stands, a collection of pastel works by the recently elected President of the Society, Chris Clayton, on view from Aug. 2 through Sept. 12, 2010.

Clayton came to America from England in 1967 to work on the Lunar Landing program and he continued in that field designing aircraft engines. During his engineering career, his love of art compelled him to attend the University of Cincinnati Fine Art and continue fueling his love of fine art.
Clayton's introduction to fine art took place many years earlier in England. When he was about thirteen, his art teacher took him to an exhibition in Manchester England. He had never been to an art gallery and on this occasion the paintings on display were those of Vincent Van Gogh. That experience had a profound effect on him. Even though he had a thirty year pause in his fine art career, Clayton always knew he would find that focus again. He worked for some time in oils, acrylics and pen and ink and then discovered pastels. That medium supports his style of painting. His art moves more to minimalism and has been described as "reductionism".
Clayton's passion for history and a particular interest in the War Between the States lead him to create a series of new works for his show in honor of Stonewall Jackson. In The Blue and the Gray and The Peach Orchard at Gettysburg, his imagery and minimal approach presents a unique vision of those battlefields and their heroes.

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