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August 2011

Hodges Taylor Art Consultancy in Charlotte, NC, Features Works by Anatoly Tsiris

Hodges Taylor Art Consultancy in Charlotte, NC, is currently presenting an exhibition of Anatoly Tsiris’ wood vessels, on view through Aug. 29, 2011.

Using his custom-built lathe, Tsiris’ specializes in creating large-scale pieces using locally available woods. The ten sculptural vessels currently on display at Hodges Taylor vary in materials and in sizes, from seventeen inches to over six feet tall.

Tsiris is originally from the town of Kmelnitsky, Ukraine. His parents were both educators, and he initially graduated from college with a teaching degree in math and science. However, he felt as though he was better suited to be a craftsman and began working in a metal cutting factory. When Tsiris immigrated to the United States, his first job was as a carpenter. This allowed him to discover and develop his love for working with wood. Upon moving to Charlotte, he began to use a lathe to make legs for furniture and thus discovered the tool that would allow him to create his life’s work.

Tsiris’ works are loved by both galleries and collectors alike for their fluid shapes that highlight the natural grain of the wood. His vessels often highlight what others would consider imperfections in the wood. He believes that these “flaws” give each piece a character and that it is his job as the artist to develop this character into a work of art. Tsiris develops this character by allowing the natural shape of each piece to shine and by allowing innate voids in the pieces to create a dynamic visual contrast. The highly polished smooth surface of his works creates emphasizes the tonality of the color and light and dark hues naturally found in the wood.

Tsiris has lived in Charlotte for many years and is an active and respected member of the North Carolina Woodturning Association and Charlotte arts community.

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