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August 2013

Ciel Gallery in Charlotte, NC, Offers 2nd Invitational Show

Ciel Gallery in Charlotte, NC, will present its Second Annual Invitational Show, on view from Aug. 2 - 24, 2013. A reception will be held on Aug. 2, from 6-9pm, during the South End Gallery Crawl.

Featuring nine local and widely-collected artists, the show represents a range of styles, including Abstract Expressionism, Emotive Realism, Primitivism, and Contemporary Abstract in painting, mixed media, glass, and collage. Participating artists include Luis Ardila, Rogelio Calvo, Mark Doepker, Cortney Frasier, Camella Jarvi, Wan Marsh, Bill Temples, Terry Thirion, and Whitney Villalobos.

Luis Ardila’s abstract expressionist paintings rely heavily on the use of symbols to communicate a complex imagery of thoughts and ideas. “By using symbolism, the artist seeks spiritual maturation or rebirth through his art. The symbols themselves are the key to enlightenment.  Each and every symbol helps restore the original path of man in this world.”

Wan Marsh, with degrees in both Interior Design and Horticulture, considers herself a naturalist “inspired by the beauty as well as the cruelty of nature. I paint intuitively, layering color, texture, line and shape developing a visual language. These layers engage the viewer to experience the purest essence of nature on the deepest level. Forms are sometimes suggested in a conscious way, other times they are purely abstracted organic elements. The intention is to fascinate and capture the viewer, speaking quietly to the natural world that resides in us all.”

Terry Thirion works in abstracts, focusing on painting and mixed media. “I attempt to find balance through colorful shapes and lines that leap off the canvas and intertwine with each other in a playful way. I want to intrigue the viewers and invite them to discover the little surprises that I embed in each of these works.”

Bill Temples works his realism to offer a subjective experience. Finding beauty in areas where others might not choose to look, Temples is driven by the quest for sensuous and emotive compositions to engage the thoughtful viewer.

The invitational exhibition will feature works in a wide variety of price ranges for established and new collectors, and payment plans are available.

For further information check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 305/491-3164 or visit (www.cielcharlotte.com).

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