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August 2013

Theatre Art Galleries in High Point, NC, Offers Shows Focused on Bicycles

Theatre Art Galleries in High Point, NC, is presenting THE BICYCLE: Art Meets Form, a juried invitational exhibition in conjunction with the 2013 USA Cycling Professional Criterium National Championships, on view in the Main Gallery and Hallway Gallery, through Sept. 22, 2013, and FIVE LEADING LIGHTS…Of Custom Frame Building, on view in Gallery B, through Sept. 22, 2013.

This year’s invited artists for our juried invitational come to us from across seven states and one is from Canada. They include: Phillip Barron, Lynette Bettini, Maxine B. Campbell, Rachael Campbell, Diana Clark, Anita Clark-Anderson, Patricia L. Cooke, Mike Dale, Karen S. Dingledine, Ted Efremoff, John D. Gall, Judith Glazier, Monica Gorski, Kate Guy, Ralph Henzler, Jillian Webb Martin Herrmann, David Abraham Hudson, Nancy Hilliard Joyce, Mary Klacza, Zach Lail, Lizzy Lawrence, Robert Glenn Leonard, Connie P. Logan, Sarah Lytle, Laurie McCarriar, Roy Nydorf, Julie Paisant, Paul Paisant, Isaac Payne, Kate Robinson, Josue A. Roman, Paul F. Rossman, David K. Stanley, Dixon Stetler, Fe Alicia de la Torre, Gilbert VandenHeuvel, Benita R. VanWinkle, Daniel J. Victor, and Caleb (Dumptruck Junior) Williams.

The exhibition was juried by Edie Carpenter, Director of Curatorial and Artists Programs at Green Hill Center for NC Art in Greensboro, NC. Awards of $1000 for 1st place, $500 for 2nd place, and $250 for 3rd place were awarded.

FIVE LEADING LIGHTS…Of Custom Frame Building offers examples of current “leading” bicycle frame builders including Peter Weigle, Mark DiNucci, Dario Pegoretti, Nick Crumpton and Dave Wages are on display. Each brings their own strengths, qualities and passions, yet each is connected by a wide respect and recognition in the field of handmade frame building.

For further information check our NC Institutional Gallery listings, contact the TAG office at 336/887-2137 or visit (www.tagart.org).

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