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September Issue 2010

City of Charleston Offers Works by Susan Lenz for MOJA Arts Festival

The City of Charleston Office of Cultural Affairs will present the exhibit, Personal Grounds, a solo exhibition by installation and fiber artist Susan Lenz, at The City Gallery at Waterfront Park in Charleston, SC. The exhibit, part of the MOJA Arts Festival will be on view from Sept. 10 through Oct. 10, 2010.

The mixed media installation will feature over 100 pieces from Lenz's Decision Portrait Series. The fiber artworks depict every day people and the decisions they've made. Each is a three-layered art quilt: a photo transfer on tea-stained muslin, acrylic felt, and a backing of decorative paper. Hand embroidered text and beaded embellishments communicate the decision shown. Included in the exhibit: Atheist, Living with HIV, Overcoming Domestic Abuse, Argentine Tango Dancer, Nudist, Hitch Hiker, DUI, Prostitute, Runaway, Rabbi, Priest, and also a self portrait of the artist.

A series of sheer chiffon banners, created by Lenz, will hang in the soaring two-story open area at the gallery. Each fabric panel is covered with free-motion machine embroidered questions. As a unit, the banners are meant to suggest the invisible daily options floating above any given crowd of people and the many decisions they face.

Several 3D mixed media pieces made from old doors and hundreds of keys will also be on view.

Lenz's statement for this exhibition is short and to the point: "Personal Grounds is a location in life. It is the place in which one exists as a result of doors opened, keys turned, and decisions made."

As a leading visual arts exhibit for the MOJA Arts Festival, this exhibition is most fitting. MOJA is a Swahili word meaning "One". The festival promotes a celebration of harmony amongst all people in the community. Personal Grounds investigates the decisions faced by one and all.

For further information check our SC Institutional Gallery listings, call Erin Glaze at 843/958-6484 or visit (www.ci.charleston.sc.us/oca.html) or (www.mojafestival.com).

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