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September Issue 2010

Crimson Laurel Gallery in Bakersville, NC, Features Works by Liz Zlot Summerfield, Sarah Faulkner, and Melisa Cadell

Crimson Laurel Gallery in Bakersville, NC, will present three new exhibits including: Collecting, Creating, Connecting, featuring ceramics by Liz Zlot Summerfield; featuring paintings by Sarah Faulkner; and Leaning into the Light, featuring new ceramic sculpture by Melisa Cadell. All exhibits will be on view from Sept. 4 through Oct. 31, 2010. Additionally, our online exhibition is New Work by Hayne Bayless.

These new exhibitions will feature three of the finest ceramic artists in the country and one of the most unique painters in western North Carolina. 

Liz Summerfield

For Liz Summerfield, recontextualizing utilitarian objects is a common thread woven throughout her work. Her interest lies in what an object once was and what it can become; this curiosity fuels her to create her work. She references functional, everyday objects and intends to formalize them by focusing on their form, surface, and presence in space. Her recent body of work continues to reference functional objects and address theories of collection. Currently, the most important influence in her life is her daughter, Roby. Summerfield finds that the objects that surround her, and in turn influence her work, belong to her. They are playful items: toys, games, and balls. They are stacked, grouped, and contained throughout her home. She has acquired a new collection and inspiration, and thus a new body of work has emerged.
Sarah Faulkner

Sarah Faulkner seeks to capture, in her work, the important relationships humans have with trees, flowers, animals and all things in the natural world. These relationships offer a sense of peace, grounding and calm which is so essential to the quality of one's life. Growth is reflected consistently throughout her work. She experiments with different materials in order to capture the mysterious and atmospheric qualities found in nature. Most recently, Faulkner has been working with wax to add depth to her paintings. This translucent and misty material blends and softens the undercoat colors to give the work an element of light. In addition to wax, Faulkner also uses a combination of materials to build up the surface of the paintings. This gives the work a three dimensional quality. The work represented in the upcoming exhibit will be the first collage series in the artist's career. The work will reflect the simplicity and repetition found in the patterns of nature.
Melisa Cadell

Melisa Cadell is interested in the figure and the spiritual being that is represented by it. She wishes to record the triumph of the human existence as she has observed it in the strong people who have entered her life. Clay allows her the opportunity to form figures who sing of their past, and who are witnesses of their history. Cadell is trying to communicate the past of individuals who have had to endure hardship, persecution, and poor health. People have always amazed her because of their ability to face life with determination when so little hope seems apparent. Their stories have touched her soul in a way that words fall short in describing. It is Cadell's hope that this is communicated in her work. Her works represent people who were changed because of their life experiences and it is reflected in a beauty and strength that has nothing to do with what our society typically deems beautiful. Their beauty is one of dignity, courage and of inner strength. Cadell's exhibit will feature a very broad range of new works.

Hayne Bayless

For Hayne Bayless the unintended result, often misread as a mistake and so dismissed, is one of the most fertile sources of new ideas. "The trick is not to fool with clay's inherent desire to be expressive. Pay attention to the clay, not only for the sake of each piece, but because the clay will offer - or impose - its own suggestions of new forms and ways to work," says Bayless. His pots are not so much about harmony, although that does happen, but more about tension. He loves what spawns in the friction between what he wants the material to do and what it would rather do. Hayne's exhibit will feature a great selection of new works.

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