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September Issue 2010

Green Hill Center for NC Arts in Greensboro, NC, Offers Exhibit on Contemporary Drawing

The Green Hill Center for NC Arts in Greensboro, NC, will present the exhibit, Drawing Revisited, on view from Sept. 10 through Oct. 31, 2010.

Isaac Payne ------------------------------------------------- Daniel Allegrucci

Following Green Hill Center's 2008 exhibit Printed, Drawing Revisited is a major survey of North Carolina artists working in a medium which in the digital age may appear to be a slow and intimate art form. Drawings from 49 North Carolina artists, both renowned and newly notable will be on view. The works address a host of themes and employ a wide range of materials including silver point, charcoal, ink and colored crayon. Some drawings are presented conventionally while others are installed, suspended or transcribed as in Scott Betz's 3-D installation or Mark Nystrom's "wind" drawings. Among the completed drawings there will be "working" drawings to guide the viewer through the process to the finished 2-D and sometimes 3-D work. 

The participating artists represent the state from metropolitan areas such as Charlotte and Raleigh to small rural communities like Burnsville (Yancey County) and Bynum (Chatham County).

Alia El-Bermani

Contributing artists who will be exhibiting at Green Hill Center for the first time include Alia El-Bermani (Cary) whose drawings consist of layers of vellum the artist utilizes for the "semi-transparent nature of the material as well as the ease of erasing all the way back to white" and Jack Saylor (Beaufort) whose exquisite coastal still lifes are rendered with 24k gold and pure silver point. 

Tony Griffin
Presley H. Ward

Visitors will view established masters such as Tom Spleth (Little Switzerland) who will be presenting gestural abstract ink drawings and Tony Griffin (Charlotte) whose charcoal drawings reinterpret classical approaches to the figure. They will also be introduced to emerging artists such as recent Penland core student Kreh Mellick (Asheville) and UNC-CH M.F.A. John Hill Jr. (Charlotte) whose irreverent colored ink drawings emphasize the graphic potential of point and line. 

The 49 artists and over 300 works in this exhibition all attest to the ongoing vitality of the drawing medium.

For further information check our NC Institutional Gallery listings, call the Center at 336/333-7460 or visit (www.greenhillcenter.org).

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