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September Issue 2010

Providence Gallery in Charlotte, NC, Features Works by Curt Butler

The Spring Country Road series of encaustic oil paintings by artist, Curt Butler, are the subject of this one-man exhibition, on view at Providence Gallery in Charlotte, NC, from Sept. 10 - 30, 2010.

Butler finds inspiration for his paintings depicting the natural environs through his personal investigation into his surroundings as he travels across the state from the Appalachian Mountains to the central Piedmont down into the Coastal Plains. Butler likens his role as "part explorer". He explains, "I seek out those places that others have seen but maybe have never observed." By bringing these places to life in his paintings, Butler encourages the viewer to see familiar places from a fresh perspective, with renewed appreciation for the beauty around them.

The encaustic process used to create this body of work involves mixing oil paints with a fixative of melted beeswax; Butler then infuses or burns layer upon layer of paint and glazes using a heat gun that reaches up to 200 degrees in temperature. This method gives him the freedom to paint and carve using a palette knife, or apply paint by dripping it, allowing him to express his emotional response to his subject matter. The result is a series of dynamic compositions that are highly textural and atmospheric in tone.

A gifted teacher, Butler has taught at numerous art schools in the NC Piedmont, including the Braitman Studio, Gaston Day School, Gaston College, and Gaston School of the Arts. He has accepted invitations to conduct guild workshops throughout North Carolina that have been attended by both art students and other professional artists. He was honored with the 2002 Teacher of the Year Award at Gaston Day School. In 2006, he opened the Butler Studio, where he continues to teach.

For further information check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 704/333-4535 or visit (www.providencegallery.net).

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