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September 2011

RIVERWORKS Gallery in Greenville, SC, Offers Exhibit, Part of Clemson’s ArtReach Celebration

RIVERWORKS Gallery in Greenville, SC, is presenting the exhibit, Ripple, part of Clemson University’s ArtReach Celebration in partnership with Greenville Technical College, on view through Sept. 18, 2011.

“In rivers, the water that you touch is the last of what has passed and the first of that which comes; so with present time,” said Leonardo da Vinci.

Ripple is an exhibition looking at river as a metaphor for the experience that can only be remembered as a fleeting sensation. According to curator, Denise Woodward-Detrich, Director of Lee Gallery, at Clemson University, “Ripple is the exact moment when you think you know what you see and just before it washes away into another realization. These are the experiences, the journeys, the transformations that like a river move beyond your grasp just as you reach out to capture them.”

Ripple is a partnership between Greenville Technical College’s RIVERWORKS Gallery and Clemson University’s Center for Visual Arts’ Lee Gallery. The exhibition of videos, 3D animations, paintings, sculpture and photography includes works by artists, Kelli Butler, Jeanet Dreskin, Zane Logan, Ellen Mundy, Dani Rossi, Tom Schram, Todd Stewart, and two Digital Production Teams.

Ripple will be a part of Clemson’s ArtReach celebration on Sept. 16, 2011. For more information on ArtReach visit ( and click on ArtReach.

For further information on this exhibit or the gallery, check our SC Institutional Gallery listings, call Fleming Markel at 864/271-0679 or e-mail to (


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