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September 2011

Artists’ Guild of Spartanburg Offers Works by Jim Cullen & Scott Neely

The Artists’ Guild of Spartanburg will present the exhibit, Circles and Squares, featuring pottery, paintings and prints by Jim Cullen and Scott Neely, on view in the Guild Gallery at Chapman Cultural Center in Spartanburg, SC, from Sept. 1 - 27, 2011. A reception will be held on Sept. 15, from 6-9pm.

Jim Cullen, a veteran potter and master teacher, says of his craft, “My pots provide me a canvas, a surface on which I can paint or carve patterns, designs, or elements that convey my thoughts and feelings. For me the making of pots is a form of meditation. Unless one has actually lifted a wall from a spinning lump of Mother Earth, does one understand the magic, the quiet, the thrill of making pots. The decorating of pots is my form of communication. Unless one has actually experienced the thought process involved with facing a blank canvas, not knowing what it is that you want to say or how to say it, does one understand the satisfaction, the exhilaration, the accomplishment of making pots.”

Scott Neely’s works range in medium and size, from small scale watercolors to large acrylic paintings and ink drawings. His paintings evoke the sweep of the southern US landscape, from floodplains to mountains. His works express the beauty and threat embedded in rural and urban environments in the Appalachians and Carolina Piedmont.

For further information check our SC Institutional Gallery listings or call the Guild at Laura Pinkley at 864/764-9568.


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