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September 2013

Anastasia & Friends in Columbia, SC, Offers Works by James Lalumondier

Anastasia & Friends in Columbia, SC, will present Check Yourself, a solo show of mixed media paintings by artist James Lalumondier, on view from Sept. 5 - 30, 2013. A reception will be held on Sept. 5, from 6-9pm, during the First Thursday Art Crawl on Main Street.

This series of paintings has been created to bring awareness to the importance of self-examination for early detection of cancer. Lalumondier will generously donate a portion of the sales proceeds to benefit cancer research and awareness.

“This is a show that really hits home with me, as both a cancer survivor and person who has had friends and family suffer from cancer,” says gallery owner Anastasia Chernoff. “Early detection through self-examination is one of the most powerful tools one can use to detect many forms of cancer, yet so few of us do it, despite the rise in cancer incidents worldwide. Self-examination can make the difference between life and death. James beautifully delivers this message to us in this exhibition.”

“Early detection is essential to beating all cancers,” says Lalumondier. “This has been an issue for some people as it may be uncomfortable. I focused on these self-exams, as it would in turn require my focus on hands. There lies my discomfort, hence, a metaphoric connection. I used student quality materials as it connects me to my students. This is to honor those students, current and past, as they feed my daily creativity. Elementary art students are the best of critics, and their work directly influences my work. I wish I could create with the freedom of a child.”

“As the body ages, over time these images will age as well,” adds Lalumondier. “Oil pastels require much time to dry (some say never), and shellac spray will very slowly yellow and subtly crack. All images are the same size, yet they are all different - just like the x-ray and computer screens a doctor or technician may view. Thank you to the survivors and doctors’ offices that provided my muses.”

Each painting is a close up of a self-exam (some literal and others representative) with various types of cancer represented from throat to colon cancer. All of the paintings will have an acrylic under painting with a drawing created with charcoal, oil pastel and conte’ crayon and will be on 16” x 20” canvases.

Anastasia & Friends is located at on Main Street in the front of the Free Times’ building, across the street from the Columbia Museum of Art.

For more info check our SC Commercial Gallery listings, call 803/665-6902 or e-mail to (stasia1825@aol.com).

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