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September 2013

Artworks Gallery in Winston-Salem, NC, Features Works by Nancy Hayes and Kim Varnadoe

Artworks Gallery in Winston-Salem, NC, will present Angels and Earthly Creatures, featuring works by Nancy Hayes and Kim Varnadoe, on view from Sept. 3 - 28, 2013. A reception will be held on Sept. 13, from 6-8pm.

Nancy Hayes returns to a lifelong love affair with the animal kingdom in the current work exploring a personal relationship with both domesticated and wild species through acrylic and paper maché. Connecting the savage to the domestic each piece is paired with a woven wall hanging of yarn, string, and sticks. Originally from Atlanta, GA, transplanted to Winston-Salem nearly 40 years ago, Hayes has a BA in English from the University of Georgia and a BFA from UNC Greensboro.

Kimberly Varnadoe has been photographing angel statues for over 15 years. The angels in this exhibition represent statues photographed in Lviv, Ukraine, Savannah, GA, Biloxi, MS and Winston-Salem.

Varnadoe received her BFA in Painting from the University of South Alabama and her MFA in Printmaking from the University of Memphis. She has worked with experimental photography techniques for more than 30 years, often combining the various mediums. This exhibit has samples of several experimental techniques including CitraSolv transfers, acrylic gel medium transfers and polaroid emulsion lifts. Some pieces combine these techniques.

Varnadoe has been teaching in the college system since 1986 and is currently Associate Professor of Art and Chair of the Art Department at Salem College in Winston-Salem.

For further information check our NC Institutional Gallery listings, call the gallery at 336/723-5890 or visit (www.Artworks-Gallery.org).

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