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September 2013

Cabarrus Arts Council in Concord, NC, Honors Piedmont Craftsmen with Exhibit

The Cabarrus Arts Council in Concord, NC, is presenting Making It, an exhibition featuring works by members of Piedmont Craftsmen in Winston-Salem, NC, on view at The Galleries through Oct. 3, 2013.

The exhibition celebrates Piedmont Craftsmen’s 50th anniversary and the partnership between it and The Galleries. Since The Galleries opened in 2007 in the Cabarrus County historic courthouse, exhibitions have featured several artists who are members of the group.

Piedmont Craftsmen includes more than 350 fine craft artists from across the United States. It operates a gallery in Winston-Salem and holds a crafts fair and other events aimed at promoting the arts. Last year, more than 100 artists applied and only 16 were accepted.

Lin Barnhardt, Cabarrus Arts Council Visual Arts Director, said he meant the name Making It to be a double entendre because these craftsmen are making art and getting accepted into Piedmont Craftsmen is a sign that an artist is making it as a professional.

The show includes works by 42 artists and features nine different media categories:

Artists working in clay include: Lin Barnhardt, Sandy & Ann Batton, Adrienne Dellinger, Becky Gray, Christine Kosiba, Karen Newgard, Ken Sedberry, Joey Sheehan, Gertrude Graham Smith, Steven Summerville, Tom Suomalainen, Kathy Triplett, and Dina Wilde-Ramsing.

Artists working in fiber include: Kathy Cooper, B. Jane Doub, Carolyn Glazener, Ann Harwell, Susan Webb Lee, Jim & Libby Mijanovich, Dottie Moore, Laura Sims, Liz Spear, and Billie Ruth Sudduth.

Artists working in glass include: David & Veronica Bennett, Ronnie Hughes, and Rob Levin.

Artists creating jewelry include: Betty Helen Longhi, Susannah Ravenswing, Mary Filapeck & Lou Ann Townsend, and Eleanor Wirth.

Artists working in metal include: Dempsy Calhoun and Bill Hickman.

Artists working with mixed media include: Kim Dills, Marie-Helene Grabman, and Marcia McDade McMann.

Artists presenting photographs include: Andrew Goliszek and Ginger Jackson Williamson.

The exhibit’s sole printmaker is Jay Pfeil.

Artists working in wood include: Michael Brown, Jim Carpenter, Larry Favorite, and Chris Horney.

Operated by the Cabarrus Arts council, The Galleries are located on Union Street S in the Cabarrus County historic courthouse.

For further information check our NC Institutional Gallery listings, call the Council at 704/920-2787 or visit (www.CabarrusArtsCouncil.org).

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