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September 2013

Earthworks Gallery in Greensboro, NC, Offers Works by Mariana Rodriguez-Pardy

Earthworks Gallery in Greensboro, NC, will present an exhibit of unique hand built earthenware by Mariana Rodriguez-Pardy, on view from Sept. 6 - 30, 2013. A reception will be held on Sept. 6, from 6-9pm.

A native of Mexico City, this sensitive and intuitive artist combines earth and fire, producing both personal and historically influenced artwork.

Rodríguez-Pardy offers the following statement, “Since a very young age I fell in love with the combination of the elements that produced a piece of pottery. I knew then that I wanted to keep touching the “earth”. In 1993, I earned a BA in International Relations in Mexico City, the same year that my first son was born and I started my journey as a self taught potter and folk artist in a little earthenware studio in my hometown, Tlalpan, Mexico.”

“In 1996, I moved to Cuernavaca, Morelos, where I worked and studied with local potters but it wasn’t until 2000 that I became an independent studio potter and instructor for children and people with special needs. I participated and organized collective exhibits and school fairs in the State of Morelos.”

When I moved to North Carolina in 2006 with my husband and our two boys, I joined The Sawtooth School for Visual Arts in Winston-Salem, where I took advanced pottery classes and instructed basic handbuilding and wheel throwing classes for a group of visually impaired adults at Industries for the Blind,” says Rodríguez-Pardy.

“I have since been teaching workshops on the ‘Tree of Life’, a traditional Mexican sculpture, but with my own interpretation and style. I find great satisfaction in telling stories and encouraging others to tell their own stories through this medium. I have participated in the Artist in School program from Artquest and GreenHill for the last two years and was invited to participate at their 2010 Winter Show. I have also collaborated with the Hispanic Arts Initiative from Winston-Salem, NC, in several programs including a mask making workshop for The Arts Based Elementary School in 2011.”

Rodríguez-Pardy adds, “In 2011, I cofounded, with the support of the United Arts Council, an initiative called Casa Azul to promote Latin American arts and culture in the Greensboro area. I worked as a Spanish interpreter for health and human services for the Hispanic community in the Triad for 4 years and now I am part of Wake Forest Baptist Health. Since 2008 have a studio at 205 Collaborative in Greensboro, where I have a permanent display of my work at the collective gallery and where I teach and create pieces inspired in my proud Mexican roots.”

Rodríguez-Pardy offers the following artist’s statement, “My style reflects a combination of naïve designs with techniques of a contemporary potter. I get most of my inspiration from pre Columbian functional pottery and folk art from my country. I have learned to express myself through clay. My style is Naïve and I have no formal background in design but I have a connection with the element and a passion for what I do.”

“My work has many influences; from my Mexican roots I gather the unique style of the pre- Hispanic folk art and from contemporary ceramics simplicity and functionality. My spiritual journey has played an important role on my quest as an artist and I incorporate a healing intention in each piece that I create. I use red earthenware with pieces that I throw and/or handbuild, then I burnish them with quartz and partially glaze with lead free products.”

Located in historic downtown Greensboro, Earthworks Gallery represents artists from across the state, offering pottery, jewelry, handmade books, and other fine gift items. The Gallery features one of the largest, diverse and eclectic selections of North Carolina Pottery under one roof. Our goal is to provide you with the opportunity to purchase a fine craft item made by an artist with a passion for their craft.

For further information check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 336/275-1202 or visit (www.earthworkspotterygallery.com).

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