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September 2013

Ella Walton Richardson Fine Art in Charleston, SC, Offers Works by Karen Weihs

Ella Walton Richardson Fine Art in Charleston, SC, will present Modern Expressions, the third feature show by Karen Weihs, on view from Sept. 6 - 30, 2013. A reception will be held on Sept. 6, from 5-8pm.

Ranging from impressionistic to fully abstract, Weihs portrays the landscapes and skylines of her surroundings with vivid color and spirit. The artist travels often to garner fresh inspiration for her new works, and her most recent series will include interpretations of the Charleston Lowcountry, the majestic Blue Ridge mountains, and scenes from a recent and very inspiring visit to Cuba. Weihs has a keen eye for detail yet has a magical way of capturing landscapes in a dramatic and conceptual way.

Weihs has been painting over two decades now, and she mainly creates her masterpieces with a palette knife. She is able to manipulate a canvas and transcend it to make a beautiful wetland scene, harbor view, or wintery snowscape. With her beautiful colors dancing across the canvas, her oil paintings come to life.

Weihs says, “Even though I learned traditional oil painting in my early education, I have taught myself a more abstracted form of painting to get the contemporary effect of color versus texture. What happens to me while composing a painting is an emotional and intuitive response of me ‘letting go’ of the subject to let in my reaction to it.”

Weihs says about her development as an artist, “Everyday is something new to learn. Everyday grows change. My work evolves as does my life.”

For more info check our SC Commercial Gallery listings, call 843/722-3660 or visit (www.ellarichardson.com).

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