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September 2013

Eno Gallery in Hillsborough, NC, Features Works by Vicki Grant

Eno Gallery in Hillsborough, NC, is presenting Symphonic Dreamscapes, featuring works by Vicki Grant, on view through Sept. 22, 2013.

Grant’s Dreamscapes incorporate low voltage and fiber optic lighting within her intriguing wall sculptures. One is drawn in to explore the visual opportunities that a natural agate slice or a nautilus shell has as light travels thru its core.

The exhibition will include pieces from Grant’s “Symphonic” series. Working collaboratively with sound designer, composer and audio engineer Jason Wagonner and light engineer Art Robinson, Grant has created wall sculptures that incorporate fiber optic lighting with an aural component. The viewer is able to trigger through sensors within the piece, sounds and optics that have been designed to integrate the visual and textural experience. These works encourage the viewer to see, touch and hear the sculpture.

Grant’s pieces begin with a clay sculpture. After the firing process, numerous layers of oil pigments are applied until the final patina of rich hues is achieved. Porcupine quills, fossils, stones, feathers, wood, shells and other evocative objects are incorporated into the piece enriching the visual and intellectual experience. Each wall sculpture, while beautiful in its own right, comes alive as the fiber optics and aural components interact with each element.

There is an instant appeal to these works of sculpture and luminosity. Grant’s Dreamscapes twinkle, glitter, radiate and glow ethereally. She explores the spectrum of optics as an integral part of her wall sculptures - but this is not just about light and sound. Those familiar with Grant’s “Windows to the Earth” series know that her wall sculptures stand on their own.

Grant says, “Viewers are curious to see what the surfaces and textures feel like, getting so close their noses were almost touching the sculptures in an effort to see all the intriguing objects incorporated into each piece. They are even more curious to know the story behind the piece. What was the inspiration? Why is this peculiar pod in the center? Are these fish bones or tusk shells? What were you thinking when you conceived this piece? There was a need for many viewers to have an intellectual understanding as well as an emotional experience with the work.”

For further information check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 919/833-1415 or visit (www.enogallery.net).

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