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September 2013

Kala Gallery in Morganton, NC, Offers Works by Andrew Chapman

Andrew Chapman’s metal work continues a centuries old tradition in metal in the most modern of ways and will be presented at Kala Gallery in Morganton, NC, on view through Sept. 30, 2013.

The three ingredients of fire, metal and creative vision combine at the hands of Chapman to create works of metal artistry. Traditional blacksmithing techniques using hammer and anvil and artistic vision, deeply rooted in modern sculpture, work together in each of Chapman’s handcrafted works. He moves and molds the metal to his vision, making all imaginable.

Leaves and branches from nature, scrolls or classic motifs and modern twists and turns that defy gravity all take shape on Chapman’s anvil. These pieces range from large scale architectural elements and furniture to small flowing table top sculpture and handheld objects. Each project shows the process and techniques learned during his years of experience.

Chapman’s introduction to the field of metal began while earning his BFA in sculpture at the University of Cincinnati. Since then, he has zigzagged the country, working in custom metal shops from Texas to Knoxville to North Carolina learning and perfecting his craft at each stop. Homes across the country feature his works. Chapman has also added teacher to his list of skills, sharing his techniques and craftsmanship during group classes and as a featured smith during regional blacksmithing conference.

For further information check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 828/437-1806 or visit (www.kalagallery.com).

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