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September 2013

Mesh Gallery in Morganton, NC, Offers Works by Sarah Britt and Caleb Arney

Mesh Gallery in Morganton, NC, is presenting Dreams, Trains & Carousels, featuring mixed media works by Morganton, Signature Studio artists Sarah Britt and Caleb Arney, on view through Oct. 4, 2013

Sarah Britt works in a variety of materials including colored pencil and acrylic on paper, paper mache, and hand sewn fabric panels. Her pieces usually include a pantheon of animals, often cavorting with humans and sometimes with cryptic balloon captions. Fairy tales, television and experiences from her own childhood inspire Britt to create boldly colored work that is childlike in concept but sophisticated in composition and execution. She enjoys creating dioramas and dollhouse-like environments. Often the full meaning of these environments is known only to Britt.

Diagnosed with Autism at the age of two, Caleb Arney has been drawing and creating since early childhood. Influenced by musical animations, trains, songs, and cartoon animals, she uses the computer to create elaborate scenes centered around unique characters of his own making. Arney’s work is simple yet complex, where the characters are alive; full of movement and action, and often accompanied by a song or scene he has found on the internet. Though Adobe Illustrator is his preferred medium, Arney also creates intricate characters using clay, and colored pencil and ink on paper. He delights in fantasy and writes jovial, elaborate stories to illustrate the scene generated from his vivid, playful imagination.

Dreams, Trains & Carousels promises to be a fantastic journey into the minds of two of WNC’s most unique artists. This is a special sales event that will offer opportunities to purchase original works by the artists as well as large format prints of selections of Arney’s work. Due to the vector-based, digital nature of his illustrations we will be offering prints of selected works in various sizes at various price points.

For further information check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 828/437-1957 or visit (www.meshgallery.com).

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