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September 2013

Mint Museum Randolph in Charlotte, NC, Offers 9th Annual Potters Market Invitational - Saturday, Sept. 7, 2013

Established and emerging potters from across the state will be setting up their displays on the grounds of Mint Museum Randolph in Charlotte, NC, for the 9th Annual Potters Market Invitational on Saturday, Sept. 7, 2013. More than 50 outstanding North Carolina potters are participating in this year’s event, presented by the Delhom Service League, the ceramics affiliate of The Mint Museum.

The event attracts close to 1,300 collectors and enthusiasts, many of whom line up hours in advance of the opening to purchase their favorite pieces. Works range from traditional functional wares to contemporary sculptural works. The day also includes pottery-making demonstrations, live music, food, and more.

“We are very excited about the mix of North Carolina potters that will be at this year’s event,” said Lee Rocamora, co-chair of this year’s Potters Market Invitational. “Through their work, we will be able to showcase the breadth and depth of traditional as well as contemporary ceramics, and to stimulate a passion for ceramics, including the Mint’s excellent and growing collection, among those attending.”

The honorary chair of this year’s market is Jane Peiser, a well-known and widely collected Penland, NC, potter, and one of the participants in the first-ever Potters Market. One of Peiser’s works from her personal collection is to be auctioned at the Potter’s Party the night before the event. The Friday night auction is a brand new feature of Potters Market Invitational.

A $10 admission fee includes access to the event, running from 10am to 5pm, as well as admission to both locations of The Mint Museum. Admission is free for children 12 and under when they accompany a paying adult. Individual sponsorships are also available. For $100, individuals are invited to the sponsors’ coffee that morning at 8:15am and receive early admission at 9:15am for a greater selection of works, as well as preferred parking. For $150, individuals are also invited to a special Potters Party being held Friday, Sept. 6, from 7-9pm at Mint Museum Randolph, where they will have the opportunity to mingle with the potters during an evening of food, music, and fun.

Since 2004, PMI has raised more than $200,000. These funds have been used to add many works to the Mint’s well-known ceramics collections, and to the Delhom-Gambrell Research Library. The reputation of PMI continues to grow each year, attracting local, regional, and national collectors. Next year, 2014, will be its tenth anniversary.

Corporate sponsors for this year’s Potters Market Invitational include Our State Magazine, Subaru South Boulevard, Delectables by Holly, Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge, Leland Little Auction & Estate Sales, Ltd., Peppermint Forest Christmas Shop, and Rodgers Builders, Inc.

As the oldest art museum in North Carolina, with one of the largest collections in the Southeast, The Mint Museum offers its visitors inspiring and transformative experiences through art from around the world via innovative collections, groundbreaking exhibitions, and riveting educational programs. The Mint Museum is a non-profit, visual arts institution comprised of two dynamic facilities: Mint Museum Uptown and Mint Museum Randolph.

The Delhom Service League is the ceramics affiliate of The Mint Museum. It was organized in 1972 by Mellanay Delhom, who came to The Mint with her historical collection in 1967. Our mission is to create and nurture interest in ceramics, from ancient to contemporary. Multiple programs include talks by curators and other experts in the field of ceramics, and visits to museums and private collections, and focused ceramic studies. The annual Potters Market Invitational, featuring outstanding potters from across North Carolina, showcases the depth and breadth of “The Pottery State.” Funds raised by this fall festival help support acquisitions to the Mint’s ceramics collection and the Delhom-Gambrell ceramics library.

PMI tickets are on sale now at (www.mintmuseum.org/delhom-service-league.html), or are available at the door.

For more information, visit The Mint Museum’s website or call 704/337-2010. A video with further information is available at (facebook.com/pottersmarketinvitational).

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