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September 2013

The Real Estate Studio in Charleston, SC, Features Works by Hilary Siber

The Real Estate Studio in Charleston, SC, is presenting an exhibit of works by Hilary Siber, on view through Sept. 24, 2013.

Siber graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2007 with a BFA in Environmental Design. Post-graduation she worked for 2 years in Baltimore, MD, as a junior designer in an architecture firm. Always painting and occasionally teaching private art lessons led her to pursue teaching more full time. In 2009 she moved to Durham, NC, to teach high school art at a private school for 3 years. Siber is happily located in Charleston. In the fall she will be headed to Clemson to pursue an MFA in painting.

Siber says, “Creating a visual image is an emotional and energetic as well as thoughtful process for me. I only paint what I believe is important. When I work I am equally committed to my meditations and contemplations as I am to the formal process of painting. I believe that this mentality is what allows me to create. Without it, I would not have a painting. My work is an attempt to create visual imagery of moments that I have not participated in, but know to be true. The creation of the world we live in. Truths that I believe will eventually occur - Divinity - from both my process and my paintings, I hope to stir others meditations and contemplations. My paintings hope to serve as a platform for these dialogues to occur.”

Regarding her current collection, Siber says, “This body of work is an attempt to give shape and form to heavenly landscapes and eternal moments. These places are unknown and unseen, except in small moments that we might experience in our short, shadow lives on earth. A glimpse of eternity stirs my soul to create paintings that give impressions of new, eternal and holy places.”

The Real Estate Studio is the downtown office of Dunes Properties, a boutique real estate, vacation rental and property management company serving the Charleston area since 1989.

For further information check our SC Commercial Gallery listings, call Susan St. Hilaire at 843/722-5618 or e-mail to (ssthilaire@dunesproperties.com).

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